£141,535 profit with only one losing month…

They cried when I told them I was quitting!


My name is Paul Beaumont and I used to run the Beaumonts Bets tipping service. In the 28 months I ran this service we robbed the bookies to the tune of £141,535.

Have a look at these results (points profit per month):


Total 2830.70 points

I had many happy subscribers paying £79 per month for my selections and if you have a look on the testimonials page, you’ll see how over the moon they were with the service. Many finally making a profit from horse racing for the first time ever:

“While I never managed to get up to £60 stakes – ultimately because of stake restrictions – you still won me near enough £20,000 in the time I was with your service. Given that I started out with £2 bets I would say this is pretty good going.”

“Thanks for for doing this. When I first looked at your system I was amazed. Testing it in October proved that it worked. Going live on 6 November 2013 to the 30th produced 35.71 points, even more amazed. I did think I may have to take out a life insurance policy on you! When I read your email about stopping, my heart literally sank! Because your system gave me a new lease in life, or should I say excitement, plus the opportunity of making an income. So I was momentarily devistated, until I read what you proposed to do next, and I thank you in advance for even considering doing this, because I didn’t have a clue on what I would do next.”

Well, after 2½ years of providing the Beaumont’s bets service with a fair amount of success, I decided to bring the service to a close. The reason is actually quite simple; I just wanted my life back. Having been tied to my computer for six mornings a week I felt, at my advanced age, I should be taking things a little easier.

Now, I had been asked many times whether I would host a seminar or something similar in order to explain how I make my selections.

I decided therefore to put together online training videos and also to produce a manual for those who may be interested in knowing what I do and how I do it. It’s really something I think people will understand and be able to do with a little practice.

In the videos, I not only illustrate how I make the selections, but also what I do every morning in order to provide those selections to my subscribers. The reason I did it this way is this: I am not at all precious about what I do, inasmuch as there may be people who would use this in order to place their own bets, but may also have a desire to provide the selections to others, just as I did. This is perfectly OK with me, and, if someone wants to use the information in order to create their own betting advisory service, they have my unconditional blessing. The site will remain open and will be available should anyone wish to refer anyone else to it. All the results etc. will remain on the site.

I have made a sizeable amount of money since I started this, somewhere in excess of £200,000. Whilst most of it has come from actually placing my bets, a fair chunk of money, has also come from subscriptions to the service.

So, there you have it, should you wish to use my method in order to make your own selections, that’s fine, but if you would like to extend this into a business (just as I did) then that’s fine also.

Now, to cost; I wanted to price this at a level that I feel people would be able to afford without too much heart searching and so I have decided on £297 for everything, which is actually less than four months’ subscription to the service.

This means you can use the method whenever you like without having the pressure of having to do it to cover your subscription fees.

And it’s a method that is probably the most profitable you’ll ever use:

“First of all I must thank you for Beaumont’s Bets. In just over two years with the service I have made around £17,000 (minus subscriptions) from it and it is probably the only service I have subscribed to (including betting, forex, stocks etc.) that has actually made a profit long term. So thanks for that and your honesty and integrity which is the hallmark of the service.”

The online video series comes in a downloadable Windows software. (Note: This software will only work on Windows based computers and tablets.)